Competition Prep Manual


Competition Prep Manual


Want to compete, but not sure where to begin? This manual walks you through the process of deciding to compete, choosing your category and level, planning out your routine, and what to expect on the day of the event.

Sections include:  

- Thinking About Competing
- Choosing Your Category & Level
- Sign Up & Get Organized
- Building Your Routine
- Costume
- Calendar of Training
- Training Tips
- Competition Day
- Post Competition

We include worksheets and checklists so that you can stay on track each step of the way.

You'll also get tips from the PSO pros, like Kenneth Kao, Anna Alvarez, and Carly Child, the PSO Unicorns (our Ambassadors), and even one of our photographers, Iris Sparrow, from Alloy Images.

This ebook is best for brand new competitors, or competitors who are competing for their first time with PSO. However, if you're competing for the first time with another organization, there are probably some great takeways for you, too.

Please check your email and download the manual within 24 hours of purchase.

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