Ever find yourself thinking...

  • I  wish I had a place to wear the new Kelly Maglia sparkle onesie that I just got.
  • I would really like to get over my stage fright. I’ve secretly wanted to perform ever since I was little, but I’m too scared to do it.
  • I’m one of the top polers at my studio. How good am I compared to other polers?
  • I wish there was a competition close by my hometown, so I wouldn’t have to spend so much money going out of state to perform.
  • I have this amazing song and concept that I want to put together for a routine.
  • #imPSOexcited

This could be you! Over 2,000 pole dancers compete each year in the world’s largest pole dancing competition series. We crown the U.S. National Pole Champion.

As an amateur poler, you have access to the same production team, 12’ truss-mounted poles, star backdrops, and lighting as the Professional competitors. Competition is your opportunity to practice and test performance skills, find your voice on stage, and show friends and family what you’ve been working on at the studio.

Once you graduate to the Professional level, you’ll compete for titles and over $9,000 in cash prizes. Title holders often get recruited for workshops, performances, and gigs at studios, competitions and productions around the world.

Choose your own adventure! You can pick from 5 skill levels, 5 age groups, and competition across the variety of styles found within the pole community: drama, entertainment, exotic, fitness, and floorwork.

How It Works

  1. Pick your city. We have about 15 competitions per year all over the USA, Canada, and Switzerland. You can read about each event on its own page, or view our overall calendar to see a full list of dates for the year.

  2. Register to compete! There are no submission videos and no requirements. All you have to do is sign up. Click here to sign up for any competition.

  3. Pick your category and level. Are you into telling stories and creating characters on the pole? Or would you rather bust out the latest trick you saw on Instagram? Pick from a range of options including Championship, Doubles/Groups, Dramatic, Entertainment, Exotic, Floorwork & Low Flow, Showcase, and Showcase Plus. For Levels, there are 5 to choose from, depending on your current skill set.
  4. Train your booty off with your friends at home or at your studio. We’ll remind you by email about deadlines for music and prop submissions.
  5. Competition day! Start your day with a pole test to see the venue layout, get ready in the dressing room and meet the rest of the competitors, then step into the lights and perform under beautiful stage lights.
  6. Scores are posted at the event, and we’ll do an awards ceremony with medals for places 1, 2, and 3. You’ll receive your scores by email after the event with all the judge comments so that you know what to practice for next time. If you’re in the Professional division, you could be eligible to move to the next round to compete for the National title and over $9,000 in cash prizes.
  7. Celebrate! Lots of studios go out as a group after the last performance of the day, or hang out with the new polers that you met over the weekend.
  8. Repeat! With 15 shows per year between February and December, there will be another chance for you to rock that nude sparkle onesie.

Our Values

EVEryone deserves the chance to be onstage

We believe that everyone has something to contribute.

Support with encouragement

We believe that questions and concerns should be answered with both the logical answer and the answer addressing the emotions behind the question.

Do the thing

We don’t do the show because we’re ready, we do the show because it’s 7:30pm and that’s when the schedule says it starts. We believe running our events on time and in a well organized way is the best way to respect the work of the competitors, volunteers, judges, audience members, and staff. Problem solving on the fly is a must!

You can sit with us

We are a neutral and non-biased space that respects people of all backgrounds, skills, identities, and studio affiliations. Meet polers from other studios, cheer for the dancers that you're competing against, and introduce shy family and friends to the pole community.

It takes a village

No one has success in a vacuum. We need everyone's participation, from competitors, volunteers, staff, judges, and audience members to make the experience come alive.

Our Team

Amy Guion - Founder, President

final choice low res.jpg

Amy was a former ballet dancer and holds Bachelor of Science from Loyola Marymount University. She discovered pole dancing by taking a class at BeSpun for her birthday in 2008. Since then, Amy has spent the past 10 years training and competing in pole dance fitness both nationally and internationally. Amy is a U.S. Pole Dance Federation Pro, the USPDF 2011 Amateur silver medalist, California Pole Dance Championship 2011 bronze medalist and creator of the flexibility training program, Bendability Fitness. After co-founding Pole Sport Organization in 2012, she’s moved to producing competitions full time. In her free time, you can find her at the pole studio, doing partner acrobatics, or trying to sit on her own head in contortion class. 

Renee Wu - Logistics Manager


Shay Jones - Production Manager, FRont of house manager

Jolene Theresa - Production manager

Lailie Simon - production manager

Crystal Belcher - Judge Wrangler

Cade Nelson - Music Manager

Celene ramadan - music manager

Steve Labedz - music manager

Katherine berry - Front of house manager

lee disanti - front of house manager

MOLLY HEBDA - Front of house manager

Elizabeth Blanchard - Social Media Manager

Elizabeth is a consultant and manager for social media. She works with clients to help them identify their target audience and leverage social media to grow their business. Her specialty niche for social media management is in the fitness industry and is an aerialist and instructor. She  is a Kinesiologist, a cast member of EmCirque performance group, Oscillations dance company and a member of the Music of Ghosts Aerialist group.

Marion Kessler - European Coordinator

Alloy Images - Photos and Video