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2017 Season Updates

2017 Season Updates

1. We are removing the state residency requirements for regionals. Anyone from anywhere can compete at Pro. International competitors will be allowed to compete in Pro, but only the U.S. citizens/residents are eligible to move on to Nationals. Reminder, only top 2 in each region move to Nationals for spring 2017.

2. Professionals, and those who placed 1, 2 and 3 in Level 4 in 2016, or anyone else who wants to enter, may compete in...

Compete HAPPY: Staying Friends with Your Pole Competitors

There are a few things polers seem to have in common past our love of spinning on a metal pole; we glitter everything, own lots of cats (or pets in general), AND have a competitive streak as wide as our shorts are small! While the former can bring pole dancers together, the latter has the possibility to create a wedge between even the closest of pole friends.

Competing is meant to be something that helps further polers’ careers,...

What category should you enter? A flow chart

Do you have no idea what category to enter? Do you just have way too many ideas and need help narrowing it down? Well check out my handy dandy flow chart to make your life a little easier!

Just a quick note: There are many reasons to compete and many ways to enter into each category so do not be alarmed if yours is not listed. This chart is intended for entertainment purposes only.