Size Charts - help us out!

We’ve had some great conversations with Roz the Diva, Crystal Clark, and many other wonderful polers in the Celebrating Plus Size Pole Dancers Facebook group. They’ve suggested that it would be helpful to provide a size chart for our merchandise. We’re also in the process of updating our Portal system so that you can purchase larger competitor tanks online during registration.

One of the main challenges with sizing is that we source our garments from many suppliers, and there’s no standard size charting. So, we made one up!

Size Chart 2019.1

Many of our suppliers only tag using Small/Medium/Large, but those sizes do serve a wider range than what’s on the label. Although it can be tough, we encourage you to not pay too much attention to the label sizing, and work instead with what fits with your body the best.

As noted at the bottom of the chart, we’re expecting this to change after we send it all out to you and get feedback on this attempt #1. We’ll be updating this blog post periodically to make sure the latest version is here. If you’ve purchased something in the past from us, or try something on at an event, please let us know if you have suggested updates. Our inbox is always open at

Thanks for checking this out!

Artistic Professional is back!

By popular demand, we are bringing back Artistic Professional to U.S. Nationals 2020! There's a huge talent pool of PSO artistic superstars that we would love to welcome to the professional stage. "Artistic" includes anyone competing in Dramatic, Entertainment, or Exotic Level 5. 

In summary, everything stays the same with regards to 2019 Nationals. There are no changes to that event.

For any event qualifying for 2020 Nationals, we have a breakdown of which competitions are headed to the Championship finals and which are headed to the Artistic finals. The 1st place winner in each competition will move to the National finals.

2019 events moving to 2020 Nationals

  • Southwest (Championship)

  • Gateway (Artistic)

  • Southeast (Artistic)

  • Mountain (Championship)

  • Great Lakes (Championship)

  • Northwest (Artistic)

  • Northeast (Artistic)

2020 events moving to 2020 Nationals

  • Triangle (Artistic)

  • Golden Gate (Artistic)

  • Emerald (Championship)

  • Atlantic (Artistic)

  • Pacific (Championship)

  • Central (Artistic)

  • Space City (Championship)

  • Southern (Championship)

  • Liberty (Championship)

We’ll switch back and forth by year, so that every region will have opportunities for both Championship and Artistic. For example, at 2019 Great Lakes, there will be a Championship final, but at 2020 Great Lakes, there will be an Artistic final.

Every event will also have both options of Artistic 5 and Championship 5. So, if you’re competing in 2020 Liberty (a Championship qualifier), and you sign up for Artistic 5, you can totally still compete, but the winner will not move on to the National finals.

As usual, if you've signed up for a PSO in 2019 after Nationals and you're not down with competing under the new rules, it's all good! Email us and get a refund.


This was an awesome Facebook post written by Blaine Etsy, owner of Momentum Vertical Dance. We love these ideas!

To lose means only one or more of the following 3 things:

1) You broke a rule (f*cking awesome, stick it to the man with your gluteal folds and accidental truss-brushes)

2) You offended the judges finer tastes, or did something too weird for them to 'get it' (art doesn't need to be liked or understood for it to be art)

3) You were dancing with people who were better than you (which has nothing to do with how good *you* are, just how good *they* are).

I'd rather be surrounded by people better than me. People i can learn from. It doesn't make me a bad dancer to know full well that I'm not the best dancer. I'd rather have no where to go but up. I'd rather be inspired. I'd rather put something out there I'm proud of - maybe its an obscure song that isn't the best for competing, maybe its a raw movement that isn't the cleanest but came from your instincts. But it's not calculated, it's not playing-it-safe, it's not kissing the judges ass, it's not for the external validation or personal glory or bragging rights. It's for ME.

Removing the fear of losing made me a much happier competitor…

Read her full, original post here.

Watch her Exotic Level 5 routine from 2018 PSO Northeast here.

Thanks for sharing, Blaine!

FLF - the pole is fire!

FLF - Pole on Fire - with logo.gif

We want to clarify the description of the Floorwork & Low Flow, and more fully explain one of the rules of the category. In summary, we are using the analogy “the pole is fire”.

To determine how high up on the pole any body part can be:

  1. Stand next to the pole. (If you are wearing heels in your performance, then you should wear them when doing this.)

  2. Extend your arms fully up above your head.

  3. That is as high as any body part can be touching the pole. Pretend the pole above that is fire. You don’t want to get burned!

Your body CAN be higher than that point as long as it is not touching the pole. For example, if you were doing a handspring with your hands underneath the fire, your legs could be above the fire line as long as they are not touching the pole.

Want to read more category descriptions? Click here!