Fix Your Face ebook

You may think that stage presence is just something that other people have inherently or instinctively and you simply weren’t born with it. We don’t agree! Like most skills, stage presence and facial expressions can be learned and improved with specific exercises and focused effort. 

Performing is inherently different from dancing for yourself at home or in a studio and, therefore, requires a new set of skills (e.g., stage presence, audience interaction). In this manual, we discuss the importance of facial expressions, gaze, and acting throughout your routine, offer guidance on remaining aware of these elements when working on your own or in a studio setting.

We want you to feel as prepared as possible when stepping on stage. As such, an 8-week series is outlined in this manual, which aims to:

  • Create physical awareness of facial expressions

  • Provide tools for identifying the perfect facial expressions for any routine

  • Decrease negative judging feedback around stage presence and facial expressions