Portal Updates: How to Register for Doubles and Groups

You and a buddy or squad of buddies have decided to have your moment together. You’ve committed to a particular competition event and you want to secure your spot. Here’s how you sign up in the Portal!


  1. Agree on a stage name. It can be a list or your names or a singular name (ex: Rainbows and Sprinkles or Jasmine, Ariel, and Aurora).

  2. Visit https://register.haveyourmoment.com

  3. Select your competition event from the drop down.

  4. Input the agreed upon Stage Name.

  5. Fill in your Studio Affiliation and select your unicorn.

  6. Under “Category”, click the radio button next to Doubles/Groups.

  7. Proceed to complete the remaining registration items and click “Register”.

  8. Repeat for each person! Make sure everyone lists the same agreed upon Stage Name. It’s the way we we identify you as a unit!