Best Pole Dancing Apps

Here are 4 apps that will change the way you train!

Scenario #1:

I want to get inspired, watch others, and check out new moves. What’s the trending platform now?


Instagram! The pole dance community has developed over a number of platforms, starting with OGs like Alethea Austin, Karol Helms, Leigh Ann Orsi, and others on YouTube, then moving over to Facebook, and now the current trend has been to move to Instagram.

Here’s a couple of fun Instagram things to know:

  • Searching for the name of the move, and adding “pd” for pole dance, will bring up pole dancer posts. For example, if you wanted to see videos of handsprings, the pole dance kind and not the gymnastics kind, search for #pdhandspring. This also goes for if you’re tagging your own videos, so tag them with #pd________________ to help other polers find you.

  • To make spaces and skip lines in your captions, use the following method:

    • Navigate to your keyboard symbols section (not your emojis, but symbols like - / : ; ( ) $ & @ ”).

    • Press Return

    • Type a symbol such as a .

    • Press Return again

    • Keep on typing!

  • Some top Instagram pole dancers at the time of this post are:

    • Anastasia Skukhtorova @anastasiaskukhtorovapoledance at 253K

    • Marion Crampe @marioncrampe at 201K

    • Maddie Sparkle @maddiesparkledancer at 185K

  • PSO and our U.S. National Champions

    • Pole Sport Organization @polesportorg at 16.4K

    • Ashley Fox @foxyashleyfox at 20.6K

    • Sammy Wong @sammyisdancing 4K

Scenario #2:

I want to reshare someone else’s post to my Instagram feed.


Regrammer app!

  • Download Regrammer

  • On Instagram, navigate to the post that you want to share

  • Click the three dots in the upper right hand corner

  • Select Copy Link

  • Open Regrammer and click Preview

  • Click Share

  • *Bonus, you can even save to your Camera Roll to watch later

Scenario #3

I want to post an Instagram story but my video is too long (over 15 seconds).


CutStory app will take your longer video and chop it into 15 second chunks to post to your story.

Scenario #4

My music is SO FAST and I can’t keep up when I’m practicing my routine. I wish I could practice more slowly and then work my way up to speed.


Well, now you can. Enter Tempo SlowMo, introduced to us by 2014 U.S. National Pole champion, Seanmichael Rau. Slow down your routine to practice, but then make sure to do it up to tempo in the same session so you don’t get too used to the slower pace.