Why we don't do the schedule in order of levels

It might seem kind of weird and confusing why we don't do the schedule "in order", meaning that all of the Level 1 events go first, then Level 2, then Level 3, etc. Here are the two main reasons why our schedules have the levels and categories all mixed up:

1. Multiple performances

Many competitors are performing multiple times at the same level. For example, one competitor may decide they want to do both a Championship Level 2 and a Dramatic Level 2 routine during the same competition weekend. To make sure that they have enough time to rest and get ready between their pieces, we need to space those categories a few hours apart from each other.

This is also a reason that we may spread out the different categories and levels over different days.

2. Judges

To make sure we have judges who are well qualified, it's best if we don't have all the Level 4s going at once, because that means we need 6 judges who can judge at a high level (2 panels of 3 judges each) during that time. It's easier for scheduling and quality to have 3 judges at Level 1 and 3 judges at Level 4 zippered together.