Judge Selection and Studio Affiliations

The 3 judge panel allows PSO to make sure that judges are scheduled only for the levels that they are qualified for. We also do not schedule a judge from a particular studio if that studio has competitors in a division. For example, if Amy is a teacher at BeSpun, we would not schedule her for divisions that have BeSpun competitors.

The exceptions are:

1. In advance - We have individually verified that the judge has not worked with the competitor on their routine. Some examples would be if a competitor has recently changed studios, if the studio has multiple locations and the judge only teaches at one, or if the judge only teaches certain classes, and the competitor does not attend those classes.

2. At the event - Every so often we make changes on site to the judging panels. For example, a judge could be late and someone needs to step in to cover, the event is running ahead/behind schedule and the judge is not available at the new time, or the judge wrangler learns that a judge is not a good selection for the current panel.