Deductions - increases for level inappropriate moves and other changes (effective Sept 29, 2018)

Here are the changes to deductions that take effect for 2018 PSO Canada West and later.


-20 points per judge

  • Bailing out of a move that was too difficult for the skill level of the competitor during performance (for each occurrence).

-10 points per judge

  • Contact points are not appropriate for move attempted.


Disqualification, and stop event to check equipment

  • Hanging from truss

-15 points per judge

  • Props leaving the allowed area (stay inside the area of the truss legs)

Props area diagram.jpg

-10 points per judge

  • Unintentional rough or hard kicking of rigging during piece (each occurrence).

  • Licking the poles

  • Exiting or entering the stage in a way other than the stairways or wings. (Ex. jumping off the front of the stage.)

-5 points per judge

  • Unintentional light touching/kicking rigging during piece (each occurrence).

  • Props are not on approved list.

  • Music includes profanity (each occurrence)

  • Competitor is disrespectful to equipment, staff, judges, etc.

-2 points per judge

  • Unintentional light brushing of rigging during piece (each occurrence).



  • Competitor clearly violates all costume coverage rules with breasts uncovered (women only), thongs/G-strings, or costume pieces that are damaging to the pole finish.

-10 points per judge

  • For men and women: lower body genitalia becomes uncovered or is visible during a piece (unintentional)

  • Costume hinders movement or creates an unsafe environment for competitor

-5 points points per judge

  • For women: 1 or more breasts become uncovered during a piece (unintentional)

-2 points points per judge

  • Mild violation of one of the costume coverage rules.


-25 point points per judge

  • Competitor clearly violates level restrictions, for each occurrence (Ex. handsprings in Level 3)

-5 point points per judge

  • Mild violation of level restrictions (Ex. head briefly dips below hips during a transition in Level 1)