Spotify Playlists from PSO

We have created playlists of music that previous PSO competitors have used so that you can get inspired and have new music to play with!

Our Spotify is Polesportorg and you can get playlists going to back all the way to 2016.

New this fall, we have made our lists collaborative, meaning that you can add your own song to our playlist to share with the rest of the community.

Check out our lists below, or find your competition to add your song and share!

Collaborative lists

I’m PSO Exotic

I’m PSO Dramatic

I’m PSO Entertaining

I’m a PSO Champion

I’m PSO Floorwork-y

2018 PSO Canada West

2018 PSO Southeast

Our lists from 2018

2018 PSO Golden Gate

2018 PSO Atlantic

2018 PSO Pacific

2018 PSO Central

2018 PSO Southern

2018 PSO Liberty

2018 PSO Switzerland

2018 PSO Mexico

2018 PSO Southwest

2018 PSO U.S. Nationals