The 10 Emotional Phases of A Pole Competitor

Are you a competitor in an upcoming pole competition? Have you started training? Are you feeling the dramatic ups and downs of creating a winning routine? Does it feel like an all-consuming roller coaster of emotions? Don’t worry, you are not alone!

These are the 10 emotional phases of a pole competitor:

Phase 1:  The ” Hmm… Competing Might Be Interesting…” Phase

You’ve watched a bunch of competition videos, seen your friends compete, and now your thinking of trying your hand at it as well. Well, it looked like your pole buddies were having fun and this would give your friends and family and opportunity to see your perform…hmmm maybe you should compete…

Phase 2: The “Inspiration Strikes” Phase

The muse of pole dance has inspired you! You’ve discovered a song, costume, concept, whatever that you MUST share with the world! This is a great phase, full of creative brainstorming and exciting late night choreographing. This is the honeymoon phase … it won’t last…

Phase 3: The “I Guess I’m Signing Up” Phase

Psych yourself up and hit “submit” on your competitor submission before your nerves get the best of you!

Phase 4: The “Let’s Do It” Phase

You’ve committed yourself to the process, now it is time to get to work! You’ve created a game plan and are determined to stick to it. You might have already started to tell friends and family, letting them know that they won’t be seeing you much in the weeks to come.

Phase 5: The “So This is Harder Than I Though it Would Be” Phase

… and the honeymoon phase is over. You’ve started to put in the real work now and you’ve discovered it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Those dreams you have of accomplishing a bunch of crazy new tricks in time for your performance, well they clearly aren’t going to happen. Oh, and it is going to take you 1 minute to do what you were planning to do in 30 seconds… sigh… this is going to be difficult!

Phase Six: The “Some of This is Actually Working” Phase

Okay, so the routine might not be what you actually set out to do, but hey it’s turning into something! That new move you got taught while not working on your routine, well its magically works perfectly. You’ve shown a couple people the bones of your piece and they like it. YAY! It is all working out…

Phase 7: The “Everything Sucks” Phase

Nothing is working out! Everything is the worst! What the hell were you thinking signing up! You are messing up the parts of the routine you knew by heart, you still don’t have an ending, your body is tired, you’re mentally drained, and the competition is only a two weeks away *EEP*

Phase 8: The “Eh, This Should Do” Phase

This phase usually happens the week of the competition. Its when a sort of calm comes over you and you have accepted that you have been doing the best you can. You have accepted what you are able to do and what you have had to leave out of your routine. It may not be perfect, likely far from it, but hey it is going to be a valuable experience one way or another.


Phase 9: The “Oh God! Oh God! I’m About to Compete” Phase

It is the day of the competition and you are doing your best to not freak out. Your stomach is doing somersaults, you need to pee every 5 minutes, you are starving, but there is no way you could eat, and oh yeah, you definitely need to vomit. Just breathe through it the best you can and kick ass on stage!

Phase 10: The “I Did It” Phase

Woohoo! You just competed!! Congrats! Hopefully everything went as planned and you can relax and enjoy the rest of the performances. If you had some performance hiccups, don’t stress, it happens and I promise most of the time the audience can’t see your mistakes. No matter what happens you did something great, you put yourself out there, and you should be celebrated for it!