6 Emotional Post Competition Stages We All Go Through

We all know about the roller coaster of emotions that precede a PSO competition, but that doesn’t mean the second you step off the stage those crazy emotions end. Check the 6 Emotional Post Competition Stages We All Go Through:

1. Exhilaration

There is nothing better than the moment you get off stage after finishing your competition piece. Even if you didn’t have a perfect run, you completed something awesome! It is nothing short of exhilarating!  You can ride that high through the rest of the competition and maybe even into the next day. It will get you though the immediate fatigue and onto the next phase…

2. Relief

After the adrenaline of competition dies down you are just thankful for being done with it! You survived – WOOHOO!! The marathon training sessions and late night dress rehearsals are over. At this point you just want to get away from the crowds and exhale. Treat yourself and your friends or significant other (who had to put up with your non-stop poling) to a relaxing dinner to celebrate you are finished!

3. Exhaustion

What comes after relief? Your body suddenly realizing how tired it is. Ugh, all those aches and pains you powered through to get to competition day come back with a vengeance! You’ve been poling almost everyday for the months leading up to the competition and now you just need to veg out on the couch and catch up on your Netflix. While watching your fellow competitors might inspire your future pole journey, it is totally normal for you to take a break before embarking on a new path.

4. Depression

The not-so-fun, but completely normal after effect of competing: depression. You’ve just spent several months of your life focused on a singular goal. Every action you took – from the food you ate to the music you listened to – was done for the specific purpose of creating your dream competition piece. Now that it is over all that focused energy has no where to go and it can put you in a funk that takes some time to get out of.

5. Recovery

Hopefully, you don’t get stuck in the low point of the post-competition emotions for too long. It can take some to get motivated to return to your normal training schedule and that’s okay. Try taking different types of aerial classes or pole classes that focus on the fun or sexy movement and not tricks. Take yourself out of your comfort zone and get pumped about new elements in your aerial journey.

6. Inspired

Depending on your training regimen and the type of poler or aerialist you are it may be weeks or months before you are really excited about your apparatus again. It might even feel like the divine inspiration you received the first time around will never come back. I promise you it will. Whether it’s a new trick or the perfect song, something will get you inspired to compete again!