6 Competition Ready Pole Shorts For Men!

Now it’s the boys turn!

My first post on “competition ready” pole shorts covered women’s shorts that, well, covered the gluteal fold, but it left out the boys. To be honest, it was tricky to find pole shorts specifically for men and I know many who chose to rock women’s pole bottoms or underwear instead. Those are great options when you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, however why not expand your resources with these 6 Competition Ready Pole Shorts for Men:

1. Men’s Shorts by Backbone

Designed to keep all the important bits covered and in their place, these shorts are not only functional for the male competitor, but sits at an attractive length. Not too long, not too short, these look great on everyone.

  • Details – can be worn as swimwear too!

  • Colors – light blue with black

  • Sizes – small, medium, large

2. Contoured Short Shorts by Riversedge Dancewear

These are a great option for basic shorts that you can customize for your performance. At an affordable price you can pick these up in a ton of colors! The length seems to vary on the model so these may work for some better than others.

  • Details – comes in both nylon/lycra and cotton/lycra

  • Colors – every color of the rainbow

  • Sizes – S-6XL

3. Yoga Cross Training Shorts by Eros Sport

I love the clean lines of these classic short shorts! They feature super flattering style lines and a flat waist band (i.e. no puckering). These shorts are also low-waisted which is a nice option for those who want to show off their abs!

  • Details – flattering style lines, double lined in the front

  • Colors – black, charcoal

  • Sizes – S – 3XL

4. High Performance Dance Shorts by Ainslewear

These shorts are SUPER soft and lightweight, don’t they look cozy?! I could totally imagine these being a part of a contemporary pole performance costume. It is hard to tell exactly where these sit as they vary on the model, but don’t be afraid of getting a tailor involved if you need something hemmed.

  • Colors – Black, Purple, Teal, Blue

  • Sizes – XS-L

5. Silkskyn Bikeshorts by Motionwear

I know I’m a lady, but I love my high-waisted shorts and figured guys might like the option too. These shorts are soft, micro-fiber fabric that wicks moisture away from the body. They also come in several skin tone options – something that is quite tricky to find in men’s shorts.

  • Details – high-waisted

  • Colors – black, shadow, nude, chocolate, navy

  • Sizes – S-L

6. Racer Stripes Shorts by Lignes

Men don’t have a lot of different style options, basics seemed to be covered, but where are the fun stuff? Well, I couldn’t find a lot out there, but these are some really cute neon racer shorts to get you started in the right direction. Maybe not the most versatile option, but you’ll be sure to stand out!

  • Details – silver racing stripe

  • Color – lime green with silver

  • Sizes – S-L