5 Cheers You Will Hear At A Pole Competition

There is nothing better than walking on stage to the hoots and hollers of a pumped up audience or being a part of the crowd ready to cheer on the competitors! The energy, the excitement, the random exclamations – what’s not to love? In fact, if you pay attention to the audience long enough you realize that polers and the ones who love them, have a few favorite cheers they shout out time and again.

Here are the top 5 cheers you will hear at a pole competition and their uses:

1. The “WOO”

Who uses it: EVERYONE, but especially large groups of pole friends in unison.

When it’s used: For everything! There is no wrong way to use a “woo”!

A favorite of pole audiences everywhere, there is no wrong way to use a “woo” Personally, I like to start off the whole watching experience with a good loud “WOO!” just to make sure the poler knows they are appreciated. Just like when ladies use it at a bachelorette party, this cheer gets the party started and keeps it going all event long!

2. The “GET IT!”

Who uses it: Usually by people who know the performer and what’s about to happen or particularly astute audience members who can guess a big move is coming.

When is it used: Moments before and during a particularly tricky move or combo.

This phrase often gets yelled out by friends and family of the performer. They have likely watched more rehearsals then they can count and know the routine almost as well as the performer does. So they know where the tricky parts are or when the big hero moves are coming up. There is nothing like a well placed “GET IT!” to give the poler the extra push to get through a difficult spot. I’m also a big fan of using this cheer when a performer is doing one of my personal pole goal moves!


Who uses it: Audience members when they realize something particularly awesome is happening.

When it is used: When the performer attacks their moves so completely that you are giving the audience life.

The “YESSSSSS” often comes about, not when the poler is doing a technically difficult move, but when the performer takes even their most basic choreo to the next level with an insane amount of attitude or sexiness. Or it could be a crazy difficult move, but the performer manages to do it with such ease and confidence that the audience has to show their appreciation with a big ol’ “YESSSSSS!!!”.

4. The “WHA-AAAT?!” or “WTF”

Who uses it: Pole newbies and awe-struck audience members.

When is it used: When something so incredible or crazy happens on stage you can’t even comprehend.

As an audience member you sometimes just can’t help yourself and a loud “WTF!” escapes your lips before you realize that maybe you shouldn’t be dropping F-bombs. However, what are you supposed to do when the poler onstage does a truly impossible feat of acrobatic perfection?! When a performer does something so mesmerizing and so magical your brain just can’t grasp what is happening. The only thing you can do is stare and say “WHA-AAAT?!” in appreciation!

5. The *silence*

Who uses it: The entire audience all at once, all performance long.

When is it used: When no words can explain the beauty happening on stage.

You might think silence is a bad thing and it usually isn’t the ideal audio experience for the performer, but trust me sometimes dead silence means something pretty awesome. When you perform something so beautiful and fluid, and are so emotionally connected to your performance, you can leave the audience in awe. Silent awe that is, as no one would think to interrupt you with a loud cheer. Just keep your flow going and enjoy the positive (if silent) energy the audience is sending your way!