How to count points of contact

Here are some examples of how to count points of contact! A point of contact is anywhere that your body touches the pole.

Some examples are:

  • Hand

  • Elbow

  • Inner thigh

  • Back of the knee

  • Waist

  • Neck

  • Shoulder

For Levels 2 and 3, any move where you are

  1. Inverted AND

  2. Your entire body weight is supported by the pole

must have at least 3 points of contact. Let’s give some examples a try.

Example - Butterfly

NEPC2018-AC-04658 2.jpg

Yep, she’s inverted, and yep, her entire body weight is on the pole, so the 3 points of contact rule would apply. This photo has 2 hands and 1 foot as the points of contact. This move would be allowed in Levels 2 and 3.

Example 2 - handspring

NEPC2018-PG-23808 2.jpg

Yes, she is inverted and her entire body is being supported by the pole. This move has 2 hands as the points of contact. This move would only be allowed in Level 4 and up.

Example 3 - climb

NEPC2018-SS-28058 2.JPG

This move is not inverted, so the rules for points of contact would not apply.

Example - floor/pole handstand


This move does not have the entire body weight supported by the pole, there’s weight in the bottom hand on the floor. The 3 points of contact rule would not apply. This move is ok for Levels 2 and 3.

Our annual studio map update post!

We keep a big studio map of ALL the studios where we have competitions. We would love to continue expanding our map and making sure it’s up to date. The map is great if you’re traveling and want to pole with new friends, or to see what other options are close by to your home. We also think it’s super cool to have the big picture of what our community looks like.

Click the map photo to be able to zoom in or out.

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