Aerial is coming back!

Please welcome our sister organization, Aerial Sport Organization, to the stage!

What’s changing

We formed ASO as its own stand alone org this year because the circus community deserves their own stages. Having a separation also allows us to make taller trusses so that we can do silks competitions.

The ASO events feature adult competitions for hammock, lyra and silks from Levels 1-3. 

What’s not changing

You’ll get the same staff that you know and love both behind the scenes and on site for both PSO and ASO. The rules and processes are basically identical, so you don’t have to learn 2 different systems.

Taking the next step

Interested? Check out the ASO 2019 schedule of events here.

Did you know we have resources for you?

We are all about giving you the tools that you need to succeed at PSO! Here’s a highlight of some of the resources that are available to you:

1. PSO Ambassadors

We have an army of ambassadors, or Unicorns, that are available to help you prepare for all the things. Check out the list of Unicorns here to see if there’s one at your studio.

Don’t forget to add them to your Portal registration so they get credit for helping you out.

2. Partner deals and discounts for PSO participants

We added a new page and will be adding more services here.

Email us at if you want to be listed as a resource. Please let us know what deal you’d like to offer to the PSO peeps!

3. Ebooks

Ebooks are available for download, with more being added to our library each quarter. So far we have:

4. Studio map

We have a big map of all the studios we can find! If you are traveling for a competition, it’s easy to find a place to do that final run through.

Email us at if you’re not listed and we will add you.

5. FAQs and customer service

We have daily email support during weekdays, along with Facebook message, Facebook group, and Instagram DM support. Let us know if there’s anything we can help with!

If it’s a weekend or you’d rather not wait for a reply, we have an extensive FAQs page here.

Move Guides - Want to be featured?

Hello Polers!

The updated Move Guide needs your help! They've been moved over to Pinterest and we are rebuilding. Please check out the links below to see what we've got so far.

There are common moves that are definitely missing (um Marley anyone?) We’ve created a public folder where you are welcome to submit your photos. Please only submit photos from a PSO event.

Please name your file: "U/3/2 - Your name"

U for upright and the numbers are for 2 or less POC and 3 or more POC. This will help us organize!

You are welcome to submit more than 1 photo but each competitor will only be featured once. Also, please note we are not naming the moves at this time for simplicity purposes.

Thanks for submitting!