We're Hiring: Video Editor Special Project

We are looking for a video editor for a special project. The ideal candidate will have experience cutting interview audio into video in a documentary style. You will be working on deadlines and under the supervision of a director. Must have working knowledge of Final Cut Pro, (adobe premiere also acceptable but final cut preferred). Submit your resume to info@polesportorg.com if you are interested.

Amateurs welcome! Performance skills are LEARNED not INNATE

Today we want to introduce you to Taylor K, an Exotic Level 2 competitor. Just like you, she has:

  • No previous experience performing pole.

  • Nerves and anticipation.

  • Courage and grit!

After the competition, she posted:

I'm still on cloud 9! I had such an amazing weekend watching all the pole routines and competing for the first time. I already loved pole but meeting so many amazing women and men who were all so supportive made me love it even more!! see you next year!!

Check her full video out here, and you can follow her on Instagram @_tay_tay23

The big takeaway here is that performance is a LEARNED skill, just like everything else in pole. Remember when you couldn’t fireman spin, or pole sit without bruising, or do even one basic climb? You LEARNED how to do those things. The more times you practice, the better you get, and the same goes for performing.

At Pole Sport Organization, we believe that everyone can have their moment on stage, with the same lighting, same theaters, and same quality photos and videos as professional polers.

We have a Panic Button Guarantee too , so you can cancel your registration and get a full refund in 24 hours if you wake up the day after signing up and realize it was a mistake.

Sound interesting? Try taking our Level Quiz next to figure out where you land :)

Reviewing Your Selected Photo Proofs

You had your moment on stage and you selected the photo proofs that show off your #PSOprogress. But you don’t remember what you chose, want to relive the selection again, etc. Let’s walk you through the steps to get there.

Log into the Portal, scroll to the event in question in your dashboard, click on the Photo/Video menu, and click on the “Review Proofs” button.

Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 8.45.57 AM.png

After you confirm “I understand” on the pop up box, you will be redirected to your entire proof photo gallery.

If you logged out of your Zenfolio account (the component of the Portal that handles the Photo and Video delivery), you will need to click on the “Select Photos” button in the upper right hand corner, click the “Add To Favorite” button, and then click the “Continue” button. This will direct you to a screen to log in with your Zenfolio account details (the username and password that you would have created when you selected your favorite proofs).

After logging in, if you see this pop up window, click the “Cancel” button. Note: once you have shared your proofs with the photographer, there is no guarantee that any changes will be made from your initial selection.

Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 8.56.38 AM.png

The next screen will display your selected proofs. There ya go!

Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 9.20.11 AM.png

Have Your Moment: Starting Position

It is the day of the show. You are prepared and ready to showoff your #PSOprogress. And the thought enters your mind, how do they know when to start my music? Let us walk your through the process, step by step!

  1. Check In with the Stage Monitor backstage 30 minutes before your start time.

  2. Let them know what your starting position is and where you will be when your music should start (ex: off stage, on the floor, on static pole, on spin pole, laying on the floor, etc.).

  3. After the Announcer says your name, make it to your starting position.

  4. Once you are in place, the Stage Monitor will cue Music to begin your track for you to have your moment!

Resources Reminder

Did you know that we have assembled some resources to help you on your journey to having your moment? Did you know that they can all be found in one place? Let’s walk though a few of them.

First and foremost, they are conveniently accessed from the home page menu “Resources”.

Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 8.04.20 AM.png

Our first resource is the Studio Map. If you are looking for a place to train, take look at our handy map to find a studio anywhere in the world. If your studio isn’t listed, send us an email to info@polesportorg.com.

You can also check out our ebooks, written with you the competitor in mind. These ebooks contain an 8 week series of exercises to get you ready for your next competition, studio showcase, or Instagram story. Not sure if you have enough time to devote to this? Each set of exercises is designed to be worked into your regular routine. Short, 10 minute series, let you make progress in these areas without having to sacrifice precious studio time.agram story.

Competition Prep Manual

Micromanaging Your Microbend & Point Your F*&#%g Toes

Choreo 101

Fix Your Face: Stage Presence for Pole Dancers

Last, but not least, our Unicorn Program. PSO Unicorns are studio ambassadors that know the ins and outs of PSO. They have previously competed or coached others for PSO competitions, and they're ready to help you figure it all out. Visit the page to find a Unicorn near you!

Visit the resources tab to check our more information on our Studio Owner Program, Music Editing services, and Deals and Discounts!