Are you a unicorn in a sea of polers? 

Apply to be a PSO Unicorn!

  • You are a pole instructor or studio owner
  • You have competed in PSO at least once in 2016 or 2017 OR you have coached dancers in at least 3 different levels in 2016 or 2017


  • Ask your studio owner if it's ok to promote PSO - never promote without permission! 
  • Make sure that the flyers we mail out are posted in the studio
  • Help studiomates decide on levels and categories
  • Remind studiomates of deadlines for registration, music, props, etc.
  • Recruit judges and volunteers to help out at the event


  • Free competitor registration or weekend pass for you (you can also give it away) if your studio has 5 or more competitors participating in an event
  • Special Unicorn jackets and swag 
  • Features on the PSO Facebook and Instagram pages - promote your workshops, classes, etc.
  • Listing on PSO website as an Unicorn
  • Priority photo/video delivery from Alloy Images

To apply, please email with the competition(s) that you competed in or coached at, why you want to be an Unicorn, and what studio you'd represent.

*We will only accept 1 Unicorn per studio.*